Estate Planning/Insurance

You work hard to accumulate your wealth and you should have the tools to preserve it for your future. That’s why at Maxim Group, we focus on helping each client systematically prepare for its disposition.

Estate taxes are the highest taxes many individuals will face, and minimizing these taxes remains one of our main goals. Yet, how our clients’ assets are owned, managed and preserved during their lifetimes – and how they’d prefer to have them disposed upon death – are all matters that require experience, forward thinking and creative considerations.

Maxim Group Estate Planning professionals are dedicated to providing a level of proper planning, which enables each client to leave behind a legacy that will exist well beyond his or her years. These professionals have the expertise and experience to support our client’s goals. An incisive grasp of investments and insurance, along with decades of proficiency in pension and estate planning, allow us to help clients create the wealth they deserve, preserve the integrity of their businesses, and protect the security of their futures.

Maxim Group Estate Planning areas of concentration include:

Charitable Planning including:

  • CRTs
  • CRATs
  • CLATs
  • Private Foundations


  • Family Needs Coverage

Estate Planning and Liquidity Funding

Business Needs Coverage including:

  • Key Person
  • Buy/Sell
  • Deferred Compensation

Qualified Plans such as:

  • Pension and Profit
  • 412(i)s
  • Deferred Compensation