X4 Pharmaceuticals Announces Initiation of a Phase 2/3 Clinical Study of X4P-001-LD in Patients with WHIM Syndrome, a Rare Genetic Primary Immunodeficiency Disease

X4 Pharmaceuticals, a clinical stage biotechnology company developing novel CXCR4 inhibitor drugs to improve immune cell trafficking to treat cancer and rare disease, today announced the initiation of a Phase 2/3 study with the first patient dosed with X4P-001-LD for the treatment of WHIM syndrome, a sub-type of a primary immunodeficiency disease characterized by warts, hypogammaglobulinemia, infections, and myelokathexis or “WHIM.” The company is developing X4P-001-LD, a low dose formulation of X4P-001 that is currently in clinical development for the treatment of certain cancers, for use as a chronic treatment for patients with WHIM Syndrome.

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