Monday, March 26, 2012
Grand Hyatt New York
New York, NY

The 5th annual Maxim Group Growth Conference is a senior level, interactive conference experience designed to meet the needs of our institutional clients. We combine company presentations, break-out sessions and management 1-on-1 meetings to assist clients with gaining an in-depth perspective on the issues affecting the growth of our presenting companies. The conference will also feature a series of panel discussions, a networking lunch and post conference cocktail reception.

This one-day event will feature more than 80 presentations across six designated tracks from a diverse selection of both domestic and international companies.


Designated Track Descriptions:

  • Healthcare: Healthcare Services, Medical Devices, Healthcare Technology, Biotechnology
  • Specialty Finance: REIT's, Mortgage REIT's, MLP's
  • Alternative Energy & Infrastructure:Energy Efficiency & Storage, Infrastructure Build-out, Distributed Power Generation, Solar Power
  • Aerospace/ Airlines: Domestic and International Carriers, Aircraft Leasing
  • Natural Resources: Mining, Oil & Gas
  • Venture Capital/Private Transactions: Biotechnology, Business Services, Media, Online Payment Services
  • Media: Online, Cable, Entertainment

Feature Panel Discussions (Three specialized 50-minute panel sessions)

Panel Discussions:

  • Dynamic Growth Sectors in The Global Infrastructure Market
  • Perspectives on the Global Economic and Political Landscape
  • Biotechnology: Then, Now and Beyond

Expected Attendance:

  • 80 + Presenting Companies
  • 1,000 + Buy Side Investors

Presented By:

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Maxim Group LLC (Maxim) reserves the right in its sole discretion to accept or reject registration for, or admission to, all or any portion of our Conference. Maxim sponsors the Maxim Group Annual Growth Conference (the "Conference") as an informational service and networking opportunity for the Presenting Companies as investors, venture capitalists and company executives. Maxim does not prepare, review or edit the presentations and other information provided by each company, and does not warrant, endorse, or take any responsibility for the quality, content, accuracy or adequacy of any such information as the basis for any investment decision. Maxim is not providing any person with investment advice through their participation in or attendance at the Conference, nor is Maxim soliciting any offers to buy or sell any security of any company.